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Cheeks wrote

All you have to do is read through. Everyone who has engaged him has been met with responses from 'here's a quarter' which means he doesn't care. (throwback to an old song, 'here's a quarter call someone who cares.') some responses have been blatant male posturing and misogynistic, calling u/ziq 'buttercup.' This isn't even bringing up the content they've posted, which also speaks for itself.

This person clearly is here to troll or possibly worse. I propose a big ol boot.


GrimWillow wrote

/u/redisnowgreen is now banned.


anti-antifa, alt-right conspiracy pusher, trolling, propogating reactionary lies, believes intersectional solidarity is a "social wedge" that benifits the rich elite (/f/TrollDissection/40126/u-redisnowgreen-full-of-implications-refuses-to-explain-or)


ziq wrote (edited )

support ban for saying pizzagate was real and school shootings were staged by actors


rot wrote

Don't ban them yet! I was having fun


Freux wrote

Don't worry, there will be more.