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selver wrote (edited )

All it takes is one person to totally fuck up the idea, and I've seen more than one person using it for anti-social bullshit already. Online humans are shit.

But that post got downvoted to hell and no one engaged with it, so not really a problem. I think we should keep the experiment going for a while longer. For those who haven't realized it, since we've all got the passwords, you can go on to the account and delete the terrible posts. I just took the white supremacy one down.


GrimWillow wrote

That's true, the post can be removed by anyone, so it's not exactly a promising vector for trolls to post on, and the account would never be trusted.


supernice wrote

This is why I asked the other day about abuse of these accounts.

My thread that you so kindly responded to was started because someone used one of these accounts to send me a dm/pm trashing another user I had engaged with in another thread. It was a quick, polite exchange, followed by the anon account (who I had not spoken with before) dm/pm. They were obviously trying to sow discord.