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mofongo wrote

According to Marx, ideology is the set of believes of a society's ruling class. As the communist revolution abolishes classes all together, it also abolishes ideology.


rot wrote

That's stupid. Do I not have an ideology as an Anarchist because I'm not ruling class?


mofongo wrote

I missed a part. The most common ideology is that of the ruling class, right now it's liberalism in all its forms. The important thing to take about ideology is that, due to the parlimentary system of the decision making process, it is necessary to conform to a set of believes of a political party.

For example, you live in a town near a river. Party A wants to create a dam that would flood your town, no tax increase and is running a pro immigrant, anti abortion campaign. Party B wants no dam but will increase taxes and regulation on houses, that will force you to remodel your home, pro abortion and open lgb campaign, usually transphobic.

These are your choices, you're force to vote on your most pressing concern and accept everything else as a necessary evil or as the lesser evil. And despite their differing policies, they both support private property, free markets, etc. This is the basic of ideology.

Right now, communism and anarchism have the form of ideology, as they have a set of principles that must be follow by all. (I don't think I need to provide examples, do I).

So, when the status quo is abolished and anarchism/communism is the standard. It becomes unnecesary to adhere to a party line as each issue will be dealt by the community individually. No need for lesser evil or most pressing concern voting. Your becomes yours and an extension of your concience.

TL;DR: Don't get too attached to ideology, it is a silly thing.