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ziq wrote

Lol if you want to prove I'm eeevil, this is a better quote:

How can I be on the side of "the people" when the vast, vast, vast majority of "the people" are actively working against my interests, to prop up the state and capital?

Anarchists are literally villains. We don't represent "the masses"; we subvert and tear down everything they value. The moment you realize that, you can free yourself from the all-encompassing quicksand of 'middle' class respectability politics and actually get something done.

The will of "the people" is a strong leader to guard them from "criminals". Foolhardy notions of order, proffesionalism, civility and acceptance. A decent rung on the hierarchy so they can feel secure in the knowledge that they're better off than those filthy bums beneath them.

I'm the person beneath; the unwashed, uncivilized lowlife who won't take your dictation or respect your authority. I'm the scum of the earth. An anarchist.

Thanks for listening and go fuck yourself.


retiredshared2 wrote

lmao at someone downvoting you on the shared account


ziq wrote

I logged into one of the other ones the other day and saw they had downvoted every comment I made going back like 5 pages.


BunnyBop wrote

I don't see what the problem is, honestly. If you look at the context, he's just saying he's not with the majority of people that want a state, which makes sense because he's an anarchist.


Dumai wrote

if ziq's opinions are too weird for you that don't make them a troll


BigGeorge wrote

Of course not, ziq aids me in my glorious struggle to destroy Western civilization.