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selver wrote

Ban them. Every post of theirs is toxic aggressive bullshit.


leftous wrote (edited )

Weren't you just arguing that we shouldn't ban anyone?

(Not criticizing, just found it amusing)


selver wrote

If we're talking about the direction to take the site in, then yes I think we need a better system, especially for grey areas where people disagree.

But we dont have that system and this person's obviously an asshole.


surreal wrote

Registered 4 days ago

Baby troll, aren't they cute? awww


[deleted] wrote (edited by a moderator )


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Hi, just popping my head in for a sec. My name is formatted like that because I am shameless homestuck garbage and should be executed immediately on those grounds alone.

Nah but really, I'd hope I've been more constructive and positive than to be associated with anything like that.


leftous wrote

Even many of those accounts activity patterns are similar. Their activity was spotty before, then suddenly start showing up more frequently.


Dumai wrote

in the end they seemed to be at least open to reason when i told them to quit it with calling anti-civs cavemen so i am not sure they're a troll, they just seem like a genuine if very aggressive transhumanist which is nothing new for this site at all