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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Hey all

Sorry, I've had a rough day, so I've probably not been as on top of it as I could.

This user has been subject of conversation in the meta chat for a while. I think some of us have been cautious given how unusual some of the comments are - trying to be sensitive to whatever might be going on with them.

I'm actually too low on emotional energy at the moment to give this the energy it deserves.

Given that the sexism (in f/Feminism!) is clear and there are unclear but troublesome comments also about Jewish people, do people think relevant forum bans and a warning or a global ban is appropriate?


selver wrote

Yeah how'd this person not get banned yet?

Weird comments.


NEOalquimista wrote

Their language is confusing in most of their comments, but they always seem to mock the subject. See this, for instance.