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Enkara wrote (edited )

If I had to guess I'd say sudo is either young person, newby lefty, or both... and/or neurodiverse in some way. I don't think they're a troll, since troll means someone who revels on pissing off others and doing it for funsies. I think they just like.... have unusual and sometimes wrong ideas and no filter. The bringing up anarcho/tank beef from a month ago is pretty suss but I'm not convinced they're just trying to troll at this point...

I support being pedantic about warrant canaries though.

2 months ago they made a power grab at f/science and got overwhelmingly opposed for various stuff like supporting the dprk, lieing about supporting monsanto, it being pointed out they just did a power grap about f/freeasinfreedom, for being a "dick near his libertarian fellows", and apparently supporting elon musk (not sure about this one)

wait do they like... actually support the dprk? Wew..... I'd be interested in more evidence of this paragraph in general, power grabbiness is really unattractive to me these days and we should employ a system of collectivized side-eyes for those wrapped up in it imo.

To be clear, I'm not arguing against anyone getting banned, just that I don't agree they are necessarily a troll.


Catsforfun wrote (edited )

With regards to people who are new to leftism, it can be a long process of deconstructing beliefs, falsehoods, behaviors impressed upon us by the violent world we live in. It definitely took me a while to completely understand some things, and I absolutely appreciate users who had patience with me and didn't just outright discard or reject me because I didn't understand something or had a problematic understanding of something, or phrased something in a way that may not have been as sensitive as I'd wanted to come across. It's a learning process and if we don't allow for and support people in their learning process then that is crappy praxis.

edit- although with regards to this particular situation, idk, I'm just talking about in general


selver wrote

Yeah I was such a dipshit for a while, way moreso than now, and lots of people who got radicalized on the internet as a teenager are that way. I'm pretty sympathetic to young fanatics and their horrible takes.


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

What do you mean by support the dprk?

Because I fully support the dprks right to exist. If people are unhappy I hope they overthrow the Kims.

It should be up to the citizens of dprk to do that Not the imperialist whims of others.

But in nearly 80 years the Great Satan (US) has invaded over 70 nations with untold death and misery. Untold death squads in Latin america. The dropping of more bombs on cambodia, laos and vietnamese than the entire pacific theatre of ww2. The destruction of Libya, iraq, afghanistan and now Yemen.

Heres a list of the nations dprk has invaded in 80 years:


And if you want to talk about dprk as a batshit, enclosed state I'm all for it. As long you mention first that the Great Satan murdered 20 percent of their population in the Korean war and didn't leave "one brick standing on top of another" in their relentless bombing campaign.


Enkara wrote

See.... this is a problem I have with tanks... like I can't just say "DPRK is terrible" without one of you being like "But america is worse! Imperialism!!!".

Like... I fucking know the US is bad I'm a goddamn anarchist, I'm not taking US's side, and for the record, I DO NOT support DPRK's right to exist, or the US's right to exist, both are evil murderous states in their own way.


SpiritOfTito wrote

I'm not a tankie.

I just assert its up to the people of the dprk to depose their government not you or some other bootlicking yankee


Enkara wrote

How exactly am I licking boots? For not liking DPRK?

Yeah obv the US bombing the fuck out of NK would make things worse.

But if comrades in NK were asking for your help would you not? No sense of international solidarity? Why do borders matter?


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

Let me clarify. I don't like the DPRK either but it is point blank not my place to say anything other about the place than to say "no war with DPRK".

The DPRK became a batshit enclosed society off the back of the US wiping out 20 percent of their population.

Imagine (if you're american) what that would do to your society if 1 in 5 people you know was murdered by, say, Iranian bombs in the 1950s. Do you think the psychological trauma would still be deeply embedded in your country?

My assumption would be: it would for any country .

But if comrades in NK were asking for your help would you not? No sense of international solidarity? Why do borders matter?

It matters because the americans think they have the right to invade whereever they like under the pretext of "humanitarian intervention" and those that would normally be inclined to protest against a war with another nation are cowed into a corner of being labelled a "Saddam hussein/Assad/DPRK sympathiser/supporter!"

No society is better off where the US has invaded since 1945.

It is point blank not your place to say anything else other than "No war with dprk". Anything else, quite frankly, is just shoring up the status quo for the resident Dotard in office to go to war with the DPRK under the pretext of "weapons of mass destruction" so they can encircle China (and Russia who also shares a border) for geopolitical looting.

No sense of international solidarity?

I protest to ensure my country doesn't get on the invade and destroy train the US is drumming up. I've no intention of engaging in politics of a country I know nothing about and is a closed society (unsurprisingly) because of what the Jackboots in the US did to it in the 1950s.

Every leftist shoudl be an anti-imperialist before they're a communist/anarchist etc.

However bad capitalism is imperialism is much, much worse.


Enkara wrote

I'm not talking about a fucking US invasion, jesus zombie christ... As I said, OBVIOUSLY THAT WOULD BE BAD.

I just asked you, if the people of NK asked for help, would you support helping them? I am not talking about nation-states here, I am talking about fucking individual radical humans. Look at Rojava, do you call that an imperialist invasion by international volunteers who have gone there to fight alongside YPG and YPJ against ISIS?

It is so my fucking place to call an authoritarian shithole with deathcamps an authoritarian shithole with deathcamps, that doesn't mean I support a US-fucking-invasion.

Contrary to everything your ideological socialization has told you "the masses" are not just a bunch of fucking idiots who can't handle an ounce of nuance.


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

you mean Rojava that did a deal with the US for a military base?

Spitshine those boots with your tongue cos you missed a bit


martasultan wrote

you mean like the soviet union that did a deal with the US for military supplies


zombie_berkman wrote

They are now telling people to not shoplift because there is a risk associated with it in the f they just became the sole mod of. There are either a complete dumbass or a troll