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Enkara wrote

I'm not talking about a fucking US invasion, jesus zombie christ... As I said, OBVIOUSLY THAT WOULD BE BAD.

I just asked you, if the people of NK asked for help, would you support helping them? I am not talking about nation-states here, I am talking about fucking individual radical humans. Look at Rojava, do you call that an imperialist invasion by international volunteers who have gone there to fight alongside YPG and YPJ against ISIS?

It is so my fucking place to call an authoritarian shithole with deathcamps an authoritarian shithole with deathcamps, that doesn't mean I support a US-fucking-invasion.

Contrary to everything your ideological socialization has told you "the masses" are not just a bunch of fucking idiots who can't handle an ounce of nuance.


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

you mean Rojava that did a deal with the US for a military base?

Spitshine those boots with your tongue cos you missed a bit


martasultan wrote

you mean like the soviet union that did a deal with the US for military supplies