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ziq wrote

Climate change denial, white fragility, 'poc are the real racists', etc.


Catsforfun wrote

denial of the patriarchy... that was a huge tip off


ladyanarchist wrote

Constantly bringing up reverse racism.


ziq wrote

Using the word 'negroid'. Hasn't been in scientific use for decades. Seems like enough for a ban.


DissidentRage wrote

Jesus. Yeah, there is no good reason to use that. Anyone trying to argue for a 'scientific' use of that is clearly doing so in bad faith to try to justify using a slur.


Thereunto wrote

Hello there. I represent some opinions which are perhaps unpopular on this website. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to endorse respectful and honest free speech or silence opinions and questions you do not agree with. I denounce violence, and perhaps that is one of the most unpopular stances here.

If you look through my comment history you will see that I am searching for answers that no one has been willing to give an explanation for. In this thread ziq misquotes me, catsforfun misquotes me and all it takes is a moment to look through my comments yourself to verify.


Pop wrote (edited )

people aren't engaging you because we don't see it as our job to teach you anything, especially since you're saying some disgusting shit

You're like the fly in the room that's not worth the effort to swat even as you demand our attention with your irritating sealioning

The answers to your 101 questions exist and don't take much effort to find, nobody owes you conversation

there's no such things as respectful and honest free speech in this world; speech is enabled by power. again, there's lots you can read about this

If you have questions, maybe start with things that have already been said. There's a whole anarchist FAQ not more than a google search away

Just because we have a whole set of assumptions that we vaguely share on this platform, and you don't share them with us, does not mean that they are inadequate or that we have any desire to rehash them with you

if you want to be coddled through coming to understand our views then don't do it on a random post, do it in an appropriate forum