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Well, that's one way, but there's a lot of ways to separate people from their money

edit: to keep this conversation going, one possibility I was toying with recently is finding a way to create a crowd funding account that appears on cursory glance to be conservative or fashy, but then funnels the money to the trans community. Or, for example, selling shitty T shirt or mug designs that say bad politics in an inarticulate way, and then taking the money from those people with bad politics and putting it to our own use. Perhaps /f/illegalism has more creative ideas


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A lot of US comrades live in places where there are not legal protections for getting a job, housing, etc. We need some kind of way to channel money from cis people to our community, and share it with the comrades in our community.

I think it is far past time for there to be some sort of action committee formed, with chapters in various areas where there is critical mass to organize it, where we shall gather and distribute financial+material resources to those of us who need that shit. Preferably, cis people will fund this disproportionately.

How can we do this? Serious question.


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I don't think the suicides of trans people is specifically about being attacked-- or to put it more accurately, i don't think it's the major factor. In certain cases, there may be unresolved trauma from fear or past incidents, but that's in many cases a consequence of lack of effective health care, safe housing, and safe interpersonal relationships (often with very unsafe cis fuckers) which is a much bigger factor on the suicides IME.

I've known trans women to misuse firearms, waving them around carelessly, and even turning them on themselves and others in our own community. Firearms education and training is a central foundation of responsible gun use and possession, and that needs to be well established before giving out guns to anyone who's unfamiliar with all that. I want to help anyone who feels they need to be armed in self defense to do so, but not if that makes them and our community less safe.

I think it would be great to create a Raddle guide to firearms (on wiki), focused on safety, but also including technical information like how to breakdown different guns and which firearms are most useful for which purpose, with recommendations on how to obtain one given various legal or economic circumstances. Collab?


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I'm transgender and Brazilian.

I'm shit scared of Bozonaro (that's how we call him) getting rid of laws to protect us. He's already getting rid of benefits and things like that.

The right wing is strong here now. It also takes ages to get hormones and surgery is next to impossible. I'm a trans man and I might join prostitution and work as a woman. I don't have chances to get a job. I never finished my education. I actually got an opportunity to do so but it will take me a while, and until then I will probably be unemployed.

I've heard lots of horror stories about people getting murdered. If you don't die in the streets, your pimp kills you or you're trafficked to Europe.


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I can understand how it would appear as morbid for such a thing, but with as many people who deny such things happen it could be an interesting wake up call. We have lists posted of far-right linked terror attacks and this should be viewed in the same light.

The really morbid thing is that I'm even having to consider this as an idea, but you're probably right.