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pearl wrote

Someone tried to explain that it likely took down the stage so as not to create “any conflict with either sides of this political party thing in order to not lose profits and customers”. They added: “I’m positive that they didnt take it down in a transphobic matter.”

Neutrality is always siding with the oppressor. Fuck that. Taking it down is transphobic if the concern is putting profits before allowing even basic trans rep.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Yeah how about people don't call the cops. Let alone holding a meeting with the chief of police. I don't care about the circumstances, it's never a good solution. They are predators and will find a way to use this to advance their agenda.

Many things can improve community safety, but the one thing that will certainly worsen it is a greater police involvement. We need to defend ourselves, not ask the state to do it for us.