Bans in /f/Trans

Username Reason Banned Expires
amongstcIouds Hijacked handle. Spam, sexual harassment, racism. Never
amongstfaggots Troll Never
admin_nigger_fucker racism Never
FU_transtifa Banned for targeted harassment and sock puppeting Never
FuckYou_Selver Spam, Harassment Never
not_selver Transphobi, cissexism, ban evasion Never
selver Essentialism and misogyny, want to say I expected better but whodathought. Never
adblocker Open transphobia, fuck off with this shit Never
LearnedChao Transphobia Never
getajobnigger too weak Never
casino998 Transphobia? From shoplifting? It's more likely than you think. Never
sharewitch Fuck off with your TERF BS Never