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I don’t know you, so I’m hoping that maybe you don’t know that “tranny” is a slur, which is totally understandable. If you’ve ever been to a drag show, chances are you’ve heard a drag queen say it to get a laugh. Or maybe you’ve just never thought about it.

Maybe you do know it’s a slur and you’re being hurtful on purpose. I certainly hope that’s not the case, but I’d be a fool to think that nobody is saying it to be cruel.

Whatever the reason, you’ve probably never said it around someone who had the courage to call you out, because if you had, you would stop saying it. So here I am, calling you out. Please don’t say “tranny.” It hurts. It’s a word people use to make trans people feel like shit, to reject their humanity, and to isolate them from the rest of the world. It’s a word people scream when they are beating them, strangling them, shooting them, setting them on fire, and dumping their bodies in ditches. Think I’m exaggerating? Click on a link and read the causes of death.

I have never once heard the word “tranny” used lovingly. It’s not a joke, it’s never funny, and it’s never the right thing to say, even if you and a transgender person are close.

Think of the worst thing anyone could ever call you: a racist, misogynist, or homophobic slur, maybe. Imagine people around you casually using that word to talk about other people. That’s what it’s like when someone says “tranny.” It makes you feel like a joke, a freak, like you aren’t a human being worthy of even the most basic respect, even if you aren’t the specific person they’re talking about at the time.

Well, they are human beings, and they deserve respect. They are regular people with jobs and families and lives just like yours—notwithstanding the astonishing rates at which trans people are unemployed and rejected by their families because of discrimination. They have the same hopes and dreams as you, the same fears, and the same daily struggles and triumphs—again, notwithstanding the monstrous ways some people mistreat them. And they have been through hell. Even the smoothest transitions are fraught with difficulty. Emerging from that just to have people reduce them to a joke is dehumanizing.

I hope my fervor is not off-putting. I hope I’ve convinced you to delete “tranny” from your vocabulary. But most of all I hope the next time you hear someone say it, you’ll have the courage to convince them too.

This was captured from Reddit. The rest of the post is somewhat of a shit show. The usual it's murrhh freedom you are stepping on rhetoric.

Link provided could be triggering:



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Pop wrote

do you mean transphobic language instead of ableist, or am I missing something?