Seeking freedom to question the dominant transgender native that is being forcefully voiced on other transgender chat forums.

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As a transgender person, I am seeking a safe place to question any and all aspects of the transgender narrative that is being forcefully pushed on me by a small handful of influential people in the online transgender community. I am especially interested in exploring this extremely small online sub culture, as defined by the small number of very popular transgender websites used by the majority of the community and how they are creating echo chambers and are being exploited, and manipulated. I want the freedom to speak about any topic regarding the community without having my posts removed, me being band, or having to deal with gaslighting by moderators simply because they disagree or feel threatened by what I say. I hope I found the right place!


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GaldraChevaliere wrote

Sure fam, I hate medicalism and truscum dysphoria rhetoric too. That's what we're talking about, right? How cis people and trans folk who buy into the system reinforce an unfair and unjust bureaucracy making especially poor trans folk and especially trans women of color jump through a thousand hoops designed to weed out all but the richest and most able to perform femininity in such a way that men can objectify them without thinking about it or masculinity so perfectly toxic that men never question whether their brothers started that way?

That's what this conversation is about isn't it, and not possibly about reinforcing those same structures because insisting you deserve HRT and poorer/less gender-conforming trans people don't makes you feel better about yourself?


ziq wrote

What is the dominant narrative?


Pop wrote

read the sidebar article


celebratedrecluse wrote

What do you see as the predominating narrative in the trans community?

This is interesting to me, because "the community" is pretty divided in my experience. This leads to a multiplication of different narratives, which all double down on exclusivity as a way to differentiate themselves from each other. For example, you have trans women who insist everyone has to get surgery or you're not truly trans, trans women who insist no one should get surgery because its classist/exclusive, trans women who insist gender dysphoria is a defining feature of the trans experience and no one who hasn't experienced dysphoria is actually trans, trans women who insist the same about gender euphoria, trans women who argue that cis agitators (TERFs, etc) are correct about how trans people are disrupting gender norms in ways that are harmful to non-trans people and that trans people should stop trying to be visible in the ways we have increasingly tried to be for their sake, trans women who also agree with the premise of the former but think that disruption of gender norms is a good thing that should continue or be continued in a safer space for trans people (baedalist, insurrectionists, trans separatists, etc).

This is just a sampling of the mutually exclusive, hotly contested viewpoints in the trans woman community that I have been exposed to. And so many more of these exist, basically for any one issue there are at least two-three widely held trans perspectives, especially when you start getting into other demographics of trans people (trans men, trans NB, sexual orientations, etc) and what may be more visible in the discourse amongst and between those folks' communities.

So there isn't one narrative. There are a number of narratives, all competing and doing violence to each other more often than not. Only someone who is looking at this from the outside (cis), or a trans person who has an incredibly small pool of other trans people to listen to/read/talk to, would come to the conclusion that only one trans narrative exists, and that there is a small cabal of authoritarians who hold universal power throughout trans spaces. While authoritarian dynamics are certainly a problem within trans communities, as they are anywhere else in this shit society, the idea that there is one authoritarian directionality is absurd and flies in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.

It also makes you sound like a troll, so that's why you're being downvoted by the others, btw