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celebratedrecluse wrote

we need groups that organize self defense, and an infrastructure for protecting vulnerable people quickly.

Like an app that with a button push sends out an alarm, but only to the people you have trusted & chosen to include in your network. Then, there needs to be organized networks in your local area, which train to respond to this. Finally, there needs to be trust built between these networks and the vulnerable people who might make use of them most often.

All these antifa white tough cis guys are useless when it comes to the actual violence in our society, all they can seem to do is show up to actions and confront the fash there, but what about these murders? the gang violence? the police? the school shootings? I'm much more concerned about people getting killed than far right groups demonstrating in public-- not that the latter is totally unimportant, but it's basically symbolic.

principles of direct action instruct one to focus on definite threats/interests, rather than symbolic ones.