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kore wrote

bend your gender, but why don't you just bend it over here...


happy wrote

Is this capitalism devouring the plight of genderqueer folx? Letting people feel good about themselves for supporting queer people when all they do is follow Ezra Miller on Instagram, bring up how Miley Cyrus is a genderqueer icon, and bring up how the Wachowski twins are trans at parties? Is it capitalism devouring the plight of these recently-open queer celebrities who wouldn't have had the courage to come out if it weren't for the daily hardships that non-white, non-male-bodied, and/or non-skinny went through so they could feel a bit more comfortable in their bodies? How much does it actually weaken the patriarchy if LVMH and others are the ones profiting off of cismen wearing dresses even though the dresses aren't made to fit larger bodies, heels aren't made for large feet, queers being harassed for being "sexier before they cut their hair" , or being hit-on because of cismasculine transfetishism, people thinking that trans folx just want to pass and not that they want to be themselves, awkward stares, confidence shattering misgendering, the energizer bunny of body dysmorphia and the anxiety coming from that, being so afraid to come out to your parents it becomes the biggest reason you hate going home for the holidays?

Shit, sure the future is going to be queer and sure, eventually it will be easier to deal with body dysmorphia and gender will be abolished, but why the fuck are we letting capitalism take this from us too?