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AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote

Most of the comments in all the non-trans non-left subreddits when this happened boiled down to "I don't agree with stabbing people 119 times, but on the other hand he shouldn't have lied about his gender, it's a form of rape by deception and he kinda got what he deserved when you think about it".

Having just learned I was trans about a month before that happened, it was a very rude awakening to learn just how little most cis people care. It would almost be funny in a cosmic sort of way if it wasn't so sad. Someone can plunge a knife into someone's chest, pull it out, think to themselves "that wasn't quite enough, I should do that again", and repeat the cycle 118 times, for literally nothing more than being trans, and the vast majority of people will look at the situation and declare the murder victim to be the one at fault.