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wild_liger wrote

I'm gonna let you in on a dangerous little secret that I think most cis people (and even a lot of people who consider themselves trans or simply question their gender identity) don't realize, and that's that most of the popular narrative about transgender identity is total fucking hogwash, either made up by and for a cis-normative, gatekeeping medical establishment, or else cobbled together by trans people in an effort to try to explain some very complex, visceral feelings in terms that people who have never felt them might possibly be able to understand.

When was the last time you saw a trans person excited to transition because they felt like they were doing some universal good by correcting the "error" of "being born in the wrong body"? And while some of us may feel that way and it's a perfectly valid feeling, it's not the desire to balance out the universal gender scorecard that drives us to transition. I want tits because I want tits, and I don't give a shit if you think science says I shouldn't.

Transition is not about conforming to and reinforcing some natural model of binary gender; that's the same bullshit thinking that drives doctors to mutilate intersex babies, and the same sticking point that TERFs get utterly wrong. It's a process of personal desire and fulfillment, whatever that may entail.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I have no say in what you want or don't want and no preference, either. As I responded to martasultan, I was just puzzling over "I want tits because they're a common focus in sex acts involving women" vs "I want tits because women have tits". Or as you put it, "I want tits because I want tits".

I'm not trying to judge, condemn, or second-guess any of this. I'm not trans, I can't read anyone's mind, and I have no right to judge anyone's preferences. It was just a distinction I never encountered before.