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blackredpink wrote

Is it just me or are trans murders exploding lately?


GaldraChevaliere wrote

No thanks to the 'feminists' willing to sell us out to reactionary interests because of their cult of vagina worship. A day doesn't go by I'm not terrified for my family's safety. Prior to the past couple decades our main protection was in obscurity, but yeah, it's definitely worse than it was before and the youngest generation isn't really any more accepting than the oldest. As fucked up as my upbringing was, five-ish years ago some old guy asked me because of my appearance and his reaction was one of polite curiosity and interest because he'd never met a 'transsexual' before and we had a conversation that honestly helped a lot with solidifying my identity because it was the first time I got treated with genuine respect. Old folks will never scare me half so much as boomers, young white men and self-righteous 'political' lesbians do.