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GaldraChevaliere wrote

Storytime, kids.

So, my girlfriend and I had an argument the other night that I need to be kinder to cishet people that aren't the ones I can count on one hand that I actually give a shit about and exhibited loyalty throughout their relationship to me. She said that most of them are bastards, but that we need them or something and the ones who aren't bastards aren't worth the risk of alienating to bite back at the people who keep hurting us.

We agreed to disagree with the caveat that I'd be more patient with the breeders in her life, a few of whom I'm ready to eat alive for their constant bullshit, but then I read things like this and it's like....why should I? What the fuck are breeders doing for us? What do the safety pins and pride parades and pointless performative cheers actually do to keep us safe? I mean hell, even in a leftist space like this I've gotten gargled at by truscum and literal cishets for 'not being accepting enough uwu' towards the people actively trying to kill us.

If you want to make my very sweet and perhaps overly optimistic partner happy, maybe you could actually do something to make me not hate you. Maybe you could stand up for a trans person for once, physically if you have to. Maybe you could get us off the streets or help us get IDs so the cops don't have another excuse to kill us. Maybe you could do more than the bare minimum of not being absolutely horrific to living people if you're all so bothered by our aggressive indifference towards you. Punch out a nazi. Jump down a terf's throat. Pay a sex worker even if you don't want to fuck her. Do fucking something.

Like, come on. I'd even take the liberal platitude of calling your goddamned senator because if this shit passes anywhere near the places I migrate between, my whole family could eat shit for it. At least let us have our fucking wage slavery, it's not like you let us have anything else. That goes for cis LGs too. Get off trans and bi folks' backs with your hyperscrutinizing shit and actually do something. You know as soon as they're done killing us they'll go for you, right?