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F3nd0 wrote

I already told you we don't need you to translate for us.

And again, I didn't provide the alternatives because someone needed them and asked me. I put them out there for the case that anyone would find interest or benefit in them. You're free to find them useless for yourself, as is everyone else, for whom you're speaking.

The fact that you continue to argue even though the people in this thread, some of which are trans, have told you to knock it off is disrespectful.

As a matter of fact, I don't remember anyone asking me to stop arguing. People have presented me with criticism of my comment, to which I have replied, either defending/clarifying my comment, or asking for clarification of theirs. If any of them had asked me to end the discussion, I would have ended it. (And if you ask me now, I will respect your wish as well.)

For that matter, I won't take one's will for another. If someone asks me to stop talking to them, I won't talk to them, but it will be no reason to stop talking to others who have not expressed the same wish, until they do (or end the talk themselves, as some may already have). All I had so far is one request to choke, and while I have not granted it, you may see I did not pester that person with any replies.

I haven't even mentioned the implied assertion that we should just take cis people in good faith but I think I will now.

My comment implies that you can, not that you should. Whether one will or won't is entirely up to them, and I presume each trans person would also be the most authorised to make the right decision for themselves.