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F3nd0 wrote

There's a trans101 in the sidebar of this forum it might be worthwhile for the both of you to grapple with some, but it should not take a lot of thinking to understand why their response was transphobic, and getting the basic capacity to do so is a worthwhile effort.

Following your suggestion, I have read the article. It presented me with little to no new information, and did not convince me that my response was transphobic. Going by the 101's definition of transphobia…

Transphobia is irrational fear and hatred of trans people. […] Transphobia is believing that we are out to rob you of your hetero-or-homosexuality. Transphobia is trans people being stared at, insulted, harassed, attacked, beaten, raped, and murdered for simply existing.

I believe the alternatives I have presented do not go to such lengths. None of them should paint trans people as someone less worthy or despicable. At the moment I only found two issues:

  • The first translation has questionable language on my part, seeing as some people (not including me) may reject the idea of ‘sex’.
  • The fourth translation is still easy to interpret as transphobic, but was mean to present poor word choice rather than malicious intent.

The translations are possible interpretations that show what people could mean by what they say. These interpretations are supposed to not be transphobic at large, and if you can (spare the time to) point out how some of them are doubtlessly transphobic, then, at your leisure, please do.