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sudo wrote

I've always been curious about so-called third genders. If it's possible to describe in words, is there anyone who has talked about what being a third gender is like? Someone who is neither male nor female, nor anything in between, but a completely different gender altogether? I would love to read how they describe their experience.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

There are loads of third genders in other cultures going way back through human history, if you aren't aware:

I'm not man or woman or in-between. You could call it a gender but it's not something established like the cultural positions listed in the link.

Also it probably depends on how you want to think of gender. So far as I'm concerned, nudist or furry could be considered genders, for example.


Fossidarity wrote

Shouldn't gender be abandoned altogether?


ConnieCommie wrote

IMO enforcing gender should be thrown out, and gender is meaningless, but it's a useful tool to identify yourself for some


Tequila_Wolf wrote

So far as I can tell, this is a cartoon helping people understand how best to understand a construction - it doesn't have anything to say about what should be done with that construction.

Abandoning it could mean a lot of things, many of which are things I'd want (I'm a fan of baedan, for example), but I don't think it's not useful to have comics like these to broaden people's conceptions.