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kore wrote

let's play everyone's favorite game, "How radical are YOU?"


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I'm black belt radical I post memes and articles I find in other places on the internet


bel793 wrote

performative ally and cis savior sound even worse than many of the comments before them...


leftous wrote

As a cis person, when I look at this, it reminds me why I tend towards individualist anarchism. United in struggle, but still seeking to understand everyone as their own individual; where unique needs can be addressed as allies in the struggle.

Blanketing and assuming the needs and desires of anyone is itself dangerous and unhelpful, and that doesn't limit itself to just trans people. Best is just to get to know your allies as individuals and do what you can to help. Simple and it works with anyone.


[deleted] wrote


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Same here. I have had a lot of gay friends over the decades. But, no one I've ever met was openly trans.