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vixwd wrote

Not only is the way transwomen are treated as unrapable disgusting, but I also feel it stems from the toxic view that real men(toxic masculinity) can't be raped. Based on the idea that transgender women aren't women, but men. If we solved toxic masculinity, we'd likely solve transmisogyny.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I feel like we're only sorted into the category of 'men' as a tactical decision, rather than any real conviction of the idea. Cisheteropatriarchy separates people into Men and Not-Men, and it's a lot easier to be disqualified from the toxic and destructive ideal of manhood by not being sufficiently vicious, overbearing and stoic than it is to requalify.

Transwomen aren't men not just in a factual sense, but in this framework of enforced gender. We don't actually 'count', but to admit we're women is to admit that manhood is not an inherent trait and that gender constructs are mutable and only fixed for as long as someone is propping them up. By the reckoning of cisheterosexist thought, gay and bisexual men (though increasingly relegated to just vers and bottom queer men in bed), men with perceived effete or sensitive tendencies, or trans men aren't really men either, but lessers in the same way that cis and trans femmes are.