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jadedctrl wrote

There's this one guy who's been consistently misgendering me for around six months now, and I've brought it up a few times with him-- but he acts like he doesn't get it.


jadedctrl: Hey, $timrodneyguy, you called me ``he'' earlier. Could you use ``she'' instead, next time?
$timrodneyguy: Huh? I don't understand.
jadedctrl: Use female pronouns for me now, $timrodneyguy.
$timrodneyguy: What're you talking about?
=end conversation=

I never can tell if he's just dense or malicious. I think the ambiguity with this guy is what bothers me so much, jajaja.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I doubt it's dense. I might not be malicious, but not giving a fuck enough about someone's wishes to just go with it is douchebag enough, I'd say. I don't know enough though. Sucks you have to deal with that.