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PainlessEphemera wrote

Is it wrong that I get upset and “triggered” whenever I read about trans people liking the fact they’ve transitioned? Not because I’m transphobic, far from it, but from the fact that I currently can’t do anything about my female body, no HRT, no acknowledgement of my gender identity, not even wearing clothes that match my identity.

I’m scared that by the time I transition, I still won’t see myself as my preferred gender, because when I have top surgery, I’ll have scars which reminds me that I wasn’t born as who I want to be, and it will always bring me down, no matter if I had top and bottom surgery. Now this isn’t to say people who don’t have surgeries aren’t the people they are, but this concerns myself and my eternal anxiety.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't think it's wrong at all! I probably wouldn't have called it 'triggered' but just dysphoric, but yeah, sometimes I get knocked for a loop when someone has successfully done elements of their transition that I don't and possibly won't ever have.

All of that stuff, like wearily contemplating scars, seems like a pretty normal part of stressing out about the often-overwhelming process of drastically changing the shape of your body, I'd say.


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