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Catsforfun wrote (edited )

"Don’t get me wrong, periods suck for everyone. But when you’re transgender, it can be a particularly miserable experience."

Uh uh. no. It's really sexist to say "periods suck for everyone". It's shaming. Plenty of people love getting periods, plenty of people experience it as a time to practice self-care , be introspective and creative, and to be in touch with their bodies. Historically, pre-patriarchy and still in many indigenous cultures it is a time to connect with woman-culture and experience a feminine spirituality, AND LETS FUCKING TAKE THAT BACK! Plenty of little girls are thrilled to finally get their periods. And honestly, a lot of women or non-women have to work really hard to develop a positive relationship with their periods because of the shame that the patriarchy forces on us.

I'm sensitive to your gender dysphoria, but don't project it onto all people who get periods, please.


Ant OP wrote

Good point. you might want to comment this in the original page's comment section too i dunno