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Sorry if this is the wrong place but I wanted to see this community’s opinion on this song. To preface this I’m a vid make so the misgendering may be less triggering for me than other people. I thought Kendrick did a good job showing him coming to terms with changes in his family’s gender identity while creating a progression. He uses the wrong pronouns in his verses introspecting but in one he speaks and uses the correct ones. I think Kendrick was attempting to show that although he may not fully understand he is tstill willing to learn and support. I do think this song is an important statement from someone so religious in a time in which religion is being used to strip basic freedoms from trans people such as high school sports. I do think there could have been more nuance in its approach but what do y’all think?



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Syzygy wrote

I think the lyrics do a good job of illustrating how he is able to not only accept, but love the trans people in his life despite cultural and personal pressures to not. The misgendering and deadnaming is wack, but idk... I don't expect a straight cis man to articulate what trans people already say. It's meant to be positive so, whatever, but people should probably look to trans people for messages about trans issues. Which Kendrick kinda illustrates in the last verse with his cousin calling him out? But it feels like I'm encoding that idea into the lyrics... Could be worse, but I wish it were better.


RVAbooklover OP wrote

I agree it could’ve been better for sure, more nuanced in its handling of the issues and he could’ve used a feature from someone like backxwash or another trans rapper. For me though the best part and I think probably one of the best parts of the album is his rejection of religion in favor of accepting his family. For someone overtly religious I feel like that’s a decent statement.