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gabrilend wrote

I had SRS a few years ago and now my libido is crazy low. My sensitivity went up as well, and it does make sex difficult. My suggestion is to try it while stoned, that sometimes helps me. I know it sucks to hear, but try and focus on hand and mouth stuff for a while and work on your sensitivity solo until you can masturbate without any pain. That way she doesn't have to be involved, it might help...

As for the desire to transition, well I'm sorry but you're stuck with your genitals as they are. Unless you plan to do SRS in the future, AFAIK your only two options are to stick with it or to plan for more surgery. Which I don't recommend, btw. It's best to be accepting of your body, second best to get surgery, and the third (worst by far) option is to reject yourself and self harm via constantly hating yourself. I don't recommend that third option.


CivilizationsEnd wrote (edited )

Typically when testicle havers have them removed (and aren’t transitioning) they start taking testosterone bc they aren’t producing it themselves. That could explain your situation. Sorry for this, don’t lose hope


Fool wrote

When I use to visit the reddit trans forums, I did read about this sort of thing a fair bit, people said they need to keep using it regularly during transition or it'll atrophy.

It may also be changes in sensitivity, and they're not use to the sensational differences from the hormonal changes.

I don't have any real experience myself since I'm not certain I'll transition medically.