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crime wrote

Love to see rural, explicitly antifascist queers holding it down, especially with guns.

Not super interested in ideologically nitpicking an openly antifascist trans project, but I don't love the line about the west being "conquered" by strong communities... I get the point she's making, but not a great look, as an organizer of a (presumably and evidently, based on the pics in the story) very white land project on Indigenous land. Wish there was a more overtly anticolonial stance and the work to match it. Maybe there is and it didnt make it into the story.

Overall, glad to see it. Beef up your Indigenous solidarity work as white settlers who now "own" land in the west, and i'll jump for joy.


SJWarCleric OP wrote

I was feeling much the same about that particular bit. Overall definitely glad to see it and would love to see more solidarity with indigenous peoples.