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amongstclouds wrote

Hello, Simon! I've also recently came to a realization just like this in the past few weeks.

For years I have had crippling anxiety and dread for unknown reasons. I've always tried to make excuses as to WHY I am the way I am. I was born as a male, but have NEVER felt like one. Anytime I would question my own gender I would just ignore it and blame it on everything but the real reason.

About two weeks ago I was reading a piece on gender abolition and in one instant it crossed my mind that maybe I'm not a male, and when I begin to play with the idea of whether I would feel more comfortable as a female and I was washed in a euphoria I've never felt before.

I think I would consider myself to be non-binary, but I'm not sure. After 25 years of living one way, and then realizing I might be more comfortable another way leaves me unsure of what to do... it doesn't help that I don't know anyone in my real life who understands these feelings. Which is why I'm so glad Raddle exists. <3

If you ever want to talk I'm just a PM away.