I’ve changed my username to reflect my preferred gender

Submitted by PainlessEphemera in Trans (edited )

Full disclosure: I was born as a girl until I realized there wasn’t something right around puberty. It took a couple of years to realize what exactly was wrong. It turned out I identified more to what is referred as masculinity than the femininity forced upon me. I’ve been thinking about it, and so, to avoid confusion, I’ve changed my username.

Say goodbye to GenevieveGilliam and hello to SimonSorrow!

Note: My username is a reference to S. F. Sorrow by The Pretty Things and The Story of Simon Simopath by Nirvana (UK)


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amongstclouds wrote

Hello, Simon! I've also recently came to a realization just like this in the past few weeks.

For years I have had crippling anxiety and dread for unknown reasons. I've always tried to make excuses as to WHY I am the way I am. I was born as a male, but have NEVER felt like one. Anytime I would question my own gender I would just ignore it and blame it on everything but the real reason.

About two weeks ago I was reading a piece on gender abolition and in one instant it crossed my mind that maybe I'm not a male, and when I begin to play with the idea of whether I would feel more comfortable as a female and I was washed in a euphoria I've never felt before.

I think I would consider myself to be non-binary, but I'm not sure. After 25 years of living one way, and then realizing I might be more comfortable another way leaves me unsure of what to do... it doesn't help that I don't know anyone in my real life who understands these feelings. Which is why I'm so glad Raddle exists. <3

If you ever want to talk I'm just a PM away.


jadedctrl wrote

Hey, Simon! I haven't seen your old username around, so I don't know if it's better to say "welcome" or just "hey," jajaja.


sudo wrote

I noticed you changed your username back to what it was originally. Out of curiosity, why?


PainlessEphemera wrote

Just had a certain fondness for the username. I see myself as a non binary woman, so it didn’t matter to me if I was Genevieve or Simon. I just prefer the Genevieve name more.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Hello Simon! I wonder if there could be a way to display preferred pronouns when looking at someone's "profile". This way it could be referenced at any time by anyone who might be unsure.

hmmm, maybe I'll submit it as a feature request...

edit: just made a request for it in /f/meta.