one has found another again

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i didn't expect you to walk in the doorway, but there you were. memories rushed back from years ago, our old plans of starting a lab and publishing research, never brought to fruition because you were homeless and cold and sick and tired, and you needed to leave the city. to go back to the land, and walk upon it.

And now, years later, we had a home, for us, and to my surprise you found me.

I was struck by your effortless beauty, your raw feminine energy. You're brilliant and well-read, humble, too hard on yourself, kind, expressive, I could talk to you for hours and we did. About imperialism, insurrection, the cis women who have hurt us. Something inside me is melting, and I think you might feel a little the same way, if I'm lucky. I'm playing it cool, but your return is like a warm wave.

Now we have our lab, which we once spoke of wistfully. I thought I would never see you again, yet you are here once more. We may be on the verge of setting out on a remarkable endeavor. Is it vain to relish falling in love, too? To want your touch, to reassure you of any insecurities, to listen to your jokes, to show you the compassion and warmth i can give?

Regardless, we will focus on the science. The tasks at hand beckon our attention, ranging multifariously as that of any guerilla insurgency. But the knowledge of the world can only be situated, one way or another. And for now, part of my situation is my affection for you, emboldening and reinforcing a much needed love for myself, and a commitment to manifesting that love for everyone like us.



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