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enforcedcompliance wrote

So I'll start out by saying that I care very little about the argument of sports, because I think there are far more stressing matters that trans people experience such as lack of stable housing, jobs, and safety in general. I have some friends who I'm sure they wish sports were their biggest concern.

With that said I'm in the process of getting on hormones myself. I recently saw an endocrinologist and started by figuring out my hormones levels. I have a friend who was AFAB and it was wild how our T levels were strikingly similar. They're very fit and have more muscles than I do... they're also 4 inches taller than me. I'm on the THICCER side and I've tried for years to gain more muscle and it just never happens for me. But I'm okay with having a big butt and thighs and skinny arms. I guess I better be happy with it because no matter what I do IT NEVER CHANGES.

This entire argument always seems to gloss over the complex reasons as to why our bodies can be so different from one another in comparison to others. It also totally erases the existence of intersex people, but I guess society craves simplicity. Because if your not THIS or THAT then you don't exist.


kore wrote (edited )

This whole situation is really shitty. My testosterone-filled puberty would have given me a ridiculous advantage in high school swimming had I been out then, I would have dominated. I trained hard, but not nearly as hard as the best cis girls. And personally that wouldn't have sat with me too well, I would have felt like I cheated.

It really sucks. People can talk about all sorts of "natural" advantages people have. Being taller, having naturally larger hands/feet. There's no way to decide what constitutes such an advantage that it should be completely banned. For example, there's a general consensus among international sports that anabolic steroids shouldn't be allowed (even though enforcement is poor).

What do other people think? I'm personally really torn about this sort of thing. Maybe I've just internalized a lot of hate...


mofongo wrote

Tequila shared this piece a while ago, The Myth of Testosterone.

In short, testosterone is not a magic component that improves performance across the board, there are sports where high quantity is neutral or adverse for better results.


kore wrote

I'm not saying it is the one weird trick that will make everyone better at sports. I'm saying that testosterone, on average, increases lean muscle mass.

Also I think that article misrepresents the research cited. Sure, maybe for some reason elite cyclists have lower testosterone than weightlifters, but the levels cited are a good 10 times higher than what most people AFAB and not taking hormones have. Also, the ranges given overlap. The scientific article also gives no direction for causation. It's possible that their training has lowered their testosterone levels. But again, levels that are still high. It's not like the best cyclists in that study had levels dramatically lower than the control or weightlifting population.