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An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

Ah! It's such a shame this was removed, it was fucking hilarious.

This woman went on a voluntourism trip to Ethiopia. They gave her her own name, a local word I don't remember, and told her it meant "beloved". But really it meant nuisance. They called her that the whole time she was there, and she loved it.

So much so that when she came back to the US, got older, and had a kid, she named it that name.

The person making the post is basically doing a TIFU for telling this woman she named her child nuisance and her whole experience was nothing like she understood it to be.


ziq wrote

I told a woman the meaning of her daughters name and now everyone is upset with me(self.relationship_advice)

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3 weeks ago I went to visit my friend Alice and during my visit Mary (a friend of Alice) came unexpectedly over.

Mary and I started a conversation and during that conversation Mary asked me what my cultural/ethnic background was and I explained that I was Ethiopian. Mary seemed really happy to hear that as it confirmed what she believed I was. We talked about how she spent time in Ethiopia for some outreach program when she was younger and how much of an impact the people, culture and traditions had on her. She then told me that the locals named her named Yema Yimechi because that means “beloved one” and that she loved the name so much that she has named her new born daughter it.

I asked her if she was serious. She told me she was and well Yema Yimechi does not mean “beloved one”. It actually means uncomfortable/inconvenient/imbecile depending on how you use it. So I told her the true meaning. Mary is now very angry with me and refuses the accept that she named her child an unpleasant/offensive name.

Mary left angry and Alice is now upset with me for hurting Mary’s feelings. I do feel bad and I don’t know what to do or how to fix hurting Mary’s feelings. How do I fix this?