Why are white supremacists attracted to Tolkien.

Submitted by aiwendil in Tolkien

I have always loved the writing of JRR Tolkien and I even got into a lot of fantasy metal and eventually black metal because of the Tolkien invented themes in that music. It was once I came upon metal in particular, that I found there was a strange correlation with white supremacists, like Varg Vikernes(Burzum) and many others. I made a lot of excuses to people for liking Burzum over the years and now I can't even make those excuses anymore, I stopped listening to his music in the last 2 years because I feel that it serves as an entry point for white supremacists to join a movement as Varg had. He used to write for neo-Nazi zines and still holds some terrible beliefs. His cult status has exposed a lot of people to those beliefs and I would be surprised if they never took hold with people who merely just liked his music. Varg is not an outlier actually. There is a lot of hate in metal communities and a lot of metalheads read Tolkien and furthermore, most of the time, the two overlap. Now I see Tolkiens writing being used to stoke tribalism amongst white supremacist factions that think we should all break out based on race and fight each other. That is certainly not the message I got from reading Tolkien and I am kind of baffled as to how it could have been so poorly misunderstood by so many people. Tolkien was vehemently opposed to the Nazis and wouldn't allow his book to be published in Nazi Germany. He also considered the Orcs to be based of those jarhead kind of soldiers that blindly follow orders and do stupid, dangerous things as a matter of routine... Often even for the sake of cruelty, not so much a "race." I guess any pop culture item they can make into a symbol for their hatred, they will, but why are so many people latching onto this work. What is it about this particular book they think resounds to their message? With Black Metal it makes a little more sense, because they are kind of using the almost satanist imagery of Morgoth and Sauron and Angband and Baradur. Are all white supremacists attracted to the idea of being part of an evil cause, or do they view themselves as the ones fighting off the evil? In which case, none of this makes any sense at all. Because Though Tolkien denied it, it is hard to see this work as anything but an allegory for WWI and WWII. If Tolkien disliked the Nazis, they would be more akin to the orcs than any other "race." Just like the Nazis, the Orcs lost, often from infighting, which seems to happen pretty frequently among white supremacist groups. Like Orwell said, "Power Corrupts..."


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