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Ban evasion, transphobia, overall waste of carbon. Everyone is welcome to post their favorite bullshit that has spewed from their mouth... mostly the transphobia.



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zoochotic wrote (edited )

I think they are very annoying but not saying anything ban worthy.

Of course I may have missed something.

edit: I'd be happy to discuss this with other people if they think I'm wrong, but I'm not getting into it with a dozen alts.


zoochotic wrote

There are multiple examples of me arguing with DarkArmillary about that. I think they are wrong and stubborn, but I haven't seen anything that would warrant a ban for transphobia.

There is also nothing in that thread indicating I agree with Zizek (I don't).


greyface wrote

that would warrant a ban for transphobia

Gender isn't an ideology. You're making it hard to not think you're a reactionary. You only take back what you think about that Zizek article because no one thought it was a good article.


ziq admin wrote (edited )

Normally I would have banned them site-wide for that ban evasion when it happened, but I didn't because I banned the OP of this post for 11 days for using ableist slurs and they immediately evaded the ban with multiple alts. It would be hypocritical of me to ban DarkArmillary for ban evasion when I let (clouds) get away with it.

I've now banned all but one of the alts clouds used in this thread for abusing tosbreaches with alts. I left the one I assume is her main now.

The discussion about banning DarkArmillary can't include ban evasion or it would be a double standard (unless I start banning all of clouds' accounts going forward), so let's keep this post focused on the charge of transphobia.

EDIT: Correction: According to clouds she evaded 4 days later, not immediately.


DarkArmillary wrote

u/DarkArmiiiary (with capital i's instead of L's) is an imposter account, harrassing me, trolling me, bizarrely spending a lot of effort targeting me specifically. I've seen on the moderation log that people have in the past been banned for imposter accounts and harassment. That's the case here. You don't have to keep catering to this one toxic troll. It's just bad praxis.


mofongo admin wrote

Reading all the links has taken quite a while and I agree with the accusations laid for here.

I've banned /u/DarkArmillary for transphobia and TERFism.

I've also banned /u/DarkArmiIIary for impersonation.