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n_n OP wrote (edited )

They had just made the point that self-employed hairdressers in their community are also small businesses

Yes they did, they also made the point that they are not the same group than the mom and pop business. Read it again:

My point is that "small business" as a term includes very large "small" businesses, "mom and pop" shops, and self employed people.

So that argument can't hold up. They said, the part that I specifically contested, that the site was "not talking about "mom and pop" micro businesses."

This definition you give of mom and pop stores would include the self-employed black hairdressers they used to make their argument. Including people with zero employees.

Minimum amount of employees is at least 1, to include the zero employees it should be "with a minimum or none employees". But let's say that we interpreted that part differently, now DO YOU THINK that I'm talking about those who are non-employers like black women hairdresser and anarchist bookfairs when I said (before the"rob and burn" in all-caps) "The vast majority (88 percent) of small businesses employer firms have fewer than 20 employees and nearly 40 percent of all enterprises have under $100k in revenue." and the "petit bourgousie", and then clarify that I wasn't talking about the self employees. Can you explain me how the fuck can you interpret that I'm talking about the non-employer when I said that and why they keep talking about that? They said that the statistics don't include them so what is the problem anyway? They stated that they are not the mom and pop business so even if we put them in the statistics the number among the employers that support Trump won't going to change, their blame in perpetuating this oppressive circle is not washing away by accounting the non-employers that were left out. I'm sure that if their were included the total percent of Trump supporters will be less but as I said the number of those that I singled out in the employer group would be the same. So why they keep bringing that up? How the fuck do you interpret that I'm talking about PoC hairdresser and anarchist bookfairs when I was saying and clarifying constantly all that?