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Those leftists who champion Sade might do well to remember that prerevolutionary France was filled with starving people. The feudal system was both cruel and crude. The rights of the aristocracy to the labor and bodies of the poor were unchallenged and not challengeable. The tyranny of class was absolute. The poor sold what they could, including themselves, to survive. Sade learned and upheld the ethic of his class.

    -Andrea Dworkin, Pornography

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I won't pretend to be a particularly moral person - things are so dark for me that I don't know what to believe in anymore - but I am trying to understand.

Rape isn't anarchism. Shut the fuck up about morality, you fucking rapist pig.

I am not a fan of Andrea Dworkin's ideology, from what little I've read of it (I don't think anything is wrong with pornography or sex work, within certain contexts).

I thought you liked to take single quotes out of context and support shitty people who endorse rape? HOW STRANGE.