final pixel-art theme images (wow nice) coinsh.red

Submitted by buzz in ThemeImages (edited )

hello everyone, /u/ziq has suggested that he wont respect my emotion and physical labour (that he in part COERCED me to do!), so there isnt any point in making more of these. Unfortunately I didnt get to do the drone my apologies.

going from the top left through:

  1. raddle frog black
  2. raddle frog white
  3. /f/acab - burning cop car
  4. /f/socialism
  5. /f/anarchism or anarchy type - flag
  6. /f/usa or usa type - US flags or US contient with American Indian movement colors
  7. refer to 6
  8. refer to 6
  9. /f/POC
  10. /f/africa - africa with pan-african colors
  11. /f/australia - Australia with aboriginal flag
  12. /f/megaLINKS - mega logo
  13. /f/esperanto - flag
  14. /f/anarchocommunism or ancom type - flag
  15. /f/satanism - upside down cross
  16. /f/startrek - logo and characters
  17. /f/indigenous - north sentienal island
  18. /f/anarchism or anarchy type
  19. /f/antifa or antifa type - iron front/three arrows
  20. /f/art - i made it like Salvador Dali's - The Persistence of Memory (suggest others you like)
  21. /f/privacy - a lock
  22. /f/itsgoingdown - the logo (this has a white outine)
  23. /f/economics - market graph in disequilibrium; excess demand
  24. /f/gaming - a handheld video game console
  25. /f/canada - canada with the mohawk war flag
  26. /f/rojava - the rojava flag, or the ypg/ypj flags 29: /f/syriancivilwar - syria with factions on the map
  27. refer to 28

have a nice day (L:


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ziq wrote (edited )

You can make your own css, I don't have to spend hours changing all my themes / making new themes to use your art if I don't want to. I gave you detailed instructions to make themes, I never said I'd do the work for you so wtf do you mean I coerced you?


buzz wrote (edited )

which american flag / star trek / rojava one do you like best?

I like the burny USA flag, the trek POC, and the rojava flag