I made some pixel-art theme images (criticism and further ideas wanted!) coinsh.red

Submitted by buzz in ThemeImages

So these are 16x16 icons, that I mainly tried to restrict to a small pallette (not everything in this image does this/is cleaned). I have tried to maximise space inside this 16x16 area, and have a black border around it (but as you can see I fail in many regards).

going from the top left through:

  1. /f/DeathToAmericuh: the USA flag - I was emulating the one that /u/ziq posted (I couldnt make the flames look nice so I excluded them for now)
  2. /f/anarchism: anarchy is order symbol - making a 14x14 A is really hard, so this doesnt have a full black border around it)
  3. /f/news: a newspaper - This is very trash need to work on this 4/ /f/empire: some castles - This one doesnt really connect to the type of posts for the sub but I couldnt think of anything else, please suggest
  4. /f/tech: a computer - I like this one
  5. /f/lobby: some flowers - Couldnt think of anything and I like flowers
  6. /f/feminism: purple venus symbol - This one is a bit small, I couldnt fit the fist of the fem symbol so if there is you have any suggestions that would be nice
  7. /f/antifa: antifa symbol - this one is a bit dodgy
  8. /f/capitalismindecay: some decayed currency - again a bit dodgy
  9. /f/green: more flowers: could be more conceptual
  10. /f/freeasinfreedom: a flying dove
  11. /f/acab: a burning police car
  12. /f/socialism: a yellow star - I think it should be red but the background makes that look bad
  13. /f/askraddle: a question mark in a box - I copied the style from the r/ version
  14. /f/facismrising: its a fasces that is half off the screen - It is kinda small
  15. /f/readingclub: issa book

thankyou, any criticism and ideas are welcome, If you have any forums you want me to do or edits you want to make feel free to post :) have a nice day


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retiredshared2 wrote

A drone for empire would be nice, I'm seconding that. I still can't tell #3 is a newspaper. The cop car also wasn't immediately obvious, but I'm dumb.


buzz wrote

  1. I will try making a drone (do you know of any illustrations of drones that I can base it off?)
  2. I might make the nespaper 2d or something, I based it on a windows95 32x32 logo that didnt scale down well
  3. I changed the cop car to be the US black and white as opposed to the more internationalised checkered pattern (expanding my monochrone color palette as well).

buzz wrote

lmao whomst've downvote this


ziq wrote

you really think I'm going to do the work to integrate these into my themes after you callously supported my doxxers? fuck that.