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buzz wrote

oml are we making pixel art for the navs nice can i be involved


BigG wrote (edited )

Sure. You can easily make a theme with a new logo. Just write e.g. ziq/Fresh (case sensitive) in the parent theme box and link to raddle's thumbnail cache of your image in the common css box.

Click 'new theme'.

Write 'ziq/Fresh' in the first box.

Put this is the next box (common css):

.site-nav__logo { background-image: url(/media/cache/submission_thumbnail_1x/ad7ba69e7bdb6134d27908dd9705ddd637a941dce768a0a750ac6167f70eb54c.png); background-size: 32px 32px; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 0px center; color: var(--site-nav-fg); padding-left: calc(32px + 1rem); vertical-align: middle; }

You get the thumbnail cache by right clicking the thumbnail you need on f/themeimages and copying the link (don't use the whole url, start at /media and end in .png)