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throwaway wrote

Private property.


juststudyingchem wrote

What do you mean exactly?


throwaway wrote

It's a very complicated topic, but it's the core of anarchism (along with many other socialist systems).Here and here is some lit that seem alright on the topic of private property, and why anarchists are opposed to it. TL;DR: Private property is theft. Nobody is privileged to own a piece of land, since everyone is born with equal rights to use and access the land. The same goes for the means of production and similar.

It's important to distinguish between personal and private property, though. Your toothbrush, your home, your bread and things like that belong to you - they're personal property. A factory is not personal property - that's private property.

The two pieces i linked you goes more in-depth, my comment doesn't do the concept justice at all (I'm tired, very tired, so bare with me).


Franz_trashka wrote

Honestly fraud. Hitting up companies with consumer goods and warranties is pretty easy, I deal with fraud every day at my current gig. If you get caught, generally the worst thing that can happen is the company will block your contact info. Take the the goods and sell em on CL or something since it's not like theyre reporting missing shit to the pigs.


mofongo wrote (edited )

Romance scams. The amount of money that some people send to someone they never met is staggering.


retiredshared2 wrote

Its true, an ex of mine's mom had severe depression and just during the 4 months we were together she sent about 10'000$ away. Men would say they lost their passport or wallet and needed money for a plane ticket to come see her. Fucking tragic though


Icykid298 wrote

This is so tricky though. I mean its more of a long-con then anything. You have to be patient and find the right one and suck them dry.


rot wrote

Real Estate.


Rage wrote

Car hopping, door stepping shoes/packages, checking mailboxes, shoplifting, fraud.


ziq wrote

Currency Issuance - Central Banks