Attempt at discussing morality - without moralizing

Submitted by thekraken in Theft

Just curious if anyone else has a 'moral code' of sorts to their theft.

For instance, I personally will not steal from the poor, and won't physically harm someone to get what I want. Past that, though, game fucking on.

Don't judge other people's morals, but discuss if you like


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retiredaccount wrote

I think stealing from the poor and small shops is wrong. Stealing from big corporations is what a decent human should do, since the corporations are violent parasites. I also wouldn't hurt anyone just to get something from them, they would have to also be a shitty person that deserves it.

I also wouldn't steal in situations that could put someone in danger for being associated with me.

It's so satisfying to steal from the rich and give to the poor. We must restore the balance of justice and take back from the real thieves. Too bad the cops are thugs for those thieves.


Drshoplifter wrote

I would never steal from a store who is struggling or a charity shop. I stole 1000 dollars from macys and later found out they were struggling. I feel really bad and will never do that again. If i had the money i would go back and pay.


thekraken OP wrote

I wouldn't feel too bad about it. They had revenue of USD $8.67 Billion last year. "Struggling" is very relative.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

That is good to hear. I plan on giving the merchandise to my poor friend anyway. single mom working 2 jobs.


Drshoplifter wrote

almost 9 billion? with a b? Ill rob them blind a thousand times over again. lol


Whatchagonnado wrote

Macy’s? Macy’s?? They’ve been robbing people for 100 years!!

No shame, tho, just curious.


Bottlecap wrote

Not really a moral but there was this one time I was car hopping, got in one car and saw some granola bars in the background. I figured they probably were looking forward to eating them before work the next day or something so I took 2 and left 2 or 3 for them.