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AgentW_C wrote

I don't claim to be a biologist or an expert on chimps, but I wonder how accurate its quote about chimpanzee social structures is. We've been through this before with wolves. For years they were stigmatized in much the same way with the Alpha Male being seen as the posturing strutting bully. The dynamics popular culture associates with wolves, were mostly seen in groups of unrelated wolves in captivity. Studies of actual packs in the wild show that wolf packs are mostly family groups with the dynamics of one.

As for the Alpha Male wolf, as this article puts it:

“The main characteristic of an alpha male wolf,” the veteran wolf researcher Rick McIntyre told me as we were watching gray wolves, “is a quiet confidence, quiet self-assurance. You know what you need to do; you know what’s best for your pack. You lead by example. You’re very comfortable with that. You have a calming effect.”

The point is, alpha males are not aggressive. They don’t need to be. “Think of an emotionally secure man or a great champion. Whatever he needed to prove is already proven,” he said.

I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't something similar regarding chimpanzee alpha males. Nature is red in tooth and claw, but when it comes to pack animals, often altruism gets you further than bullying. How well would a family group do if it was constantly attacking and tearing each other apart.

Though if we're talking about the stereotypical one note view popular culture has of Alpha Males, then Trump ticks off ever trait on the list.