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arduinna wrote

We have 5% of the world’s population and 35%-50% of the guns in civilian hands, more guns per capita than anywhere else – and more gun deaths, too.

I always hate this; we do have more gun deaths, yes. Because you can't have gun deaths without guns. However, nationally in the US, regions with more guns have near equal murder rates to those with less, so its very clearly not a question of the volume of guns but the circumstances of the locality. And places with less 'gun deaths' have more murders with other weapons instead, so it continues much the same.

Just a somewhat related tangent I wanted to get out.

And in the long run we need to end the war with a decisive victory for an idea of a pluralistic, e pluribus unum union, with an affirmation of inclusive values and universal human rights, and of equality across all categories.

That sounds not only unlikely but impossible to do under any form of 'the United States'.