A bloody brawl erupted over Trump’s Hollywood star hours after it was destroyed with a pickax washingtonpost.com

Submitted by RedEmmaSpeaks in The_Donald

The man posing on the other side of the cutout was Elijah Schaffer, and this was really his production. Schaffer runs a fledgling YouTube channel called Slightly Offens*ve, populated mainly with videos of him asking politically charged questions to people he meets on the street — sometimes until one of them attacks his film crew.

“The point of the channel is to use the Socratic method to get people to answer why they believe what they believe,” Schaffer told The Washington Post on Saturday.

He titles his videos somewhat less introspectively: “PUNCHED by ANTIFA” and “Exposing the Sluts,” for example.

By "Socratic Method," he clearly means "Acting like the physical embodiment of a Migraine." Seriously, spouting a bunch of slurs and being an asshole, does not make your comedy edgy; it makes you an asshole. This does not change even if you are doing it "ironically" or as a "joke." It just means you're a spineless asshole who can't even stick to their guns.

Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Lewis Black...that's edgy, biting comedy. This kind of material is just entitled White boys being assholes.


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