Rubberhose FS - An filesystem that allowed you to create multiple, UNDETECTABLE encrypted partitions.

Submitted by sudo in TheBusFactor

An encrypted hard drive is good, but it's vulnerable to this attack. Rubberhose was the answer to that - it allowed users to create multiple encrypted partitions, where each one is undetectable without the corresponding password to decrypt it. Here's an example case for how that would be helpful.

Unfortunately, Rubberhose hasn't been maintained for about 15 years, so it only works with version 2.2 of the Linux kernel, which is ancient. That's a real shame, because this would be extremely useful to activists nowadays. It could literally be the difference between life and death for some people. So, I think leftists with some programming knowledge should get together and bring Rubberhose FS back to life.

Does anyone have any experience with file systems? I don't, so it would be nice to team up with someone who knows what they're doing to update the Rubberhose source code to work with modern versions of the Linux kernel.



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elyersio wrote

Thanks for posting here! This forum itself needs some life.