[Screening] June 19th - Night Moves theanarchistcinema.org

Submitted by TheUsher in TheAnarchistCinema (edited )

Runtime: 112 min

Thanks fauvenoir for this suggestion. Keep an eye out for their review as well.

Synopsis stolen from an anews commenter.

Night Moves is a contemplative, slow-paced hitchcockian film, and in so it might not be for all tastes especially if you’re looking for cheesy entertainment with frantic editing. Mostly enjoyable for the realism, which is a rare find in US movies. Also as a reflection on what it means to be some wingnut radical insurgent in the current North America, instead of Sacco & Vanzetti’s America.



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TheUsher OP wrote

The movie is live now so that people have time to download the movie before our screening at 23:00 EST! Hope to see you in the chat tonight.


TheUsher OP wrote

This one is promising to be a good one, good enough for people on anews to argue about it at least. So clear your schedule! Hope to see you there