[Blog] Call For Submissions - June theanarchistcinema.org

Submitted by TheUsher in TheAnarchistCinema (edited )

This is a call for submissions for the month of June.
We will be changing up the format by showing not 1, but 4 movies in June! The movie will change every Friday and will play for 1 week.
The theme for June will be green-anarchy! We are looking for films that attack, or at least question, the destruction and violence that are essential to civilization and the industrial world.
The first 2 films have already been chosen, and they are Alone In the Wilderness (2004) and Princess Mononoke (1997) so we need 2 more.

Your submissions can be sent to our email address or other avenues for those that know. Also, we still need your reviews.
We look forward to hearing from you!



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videl wrote

What email?
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind sounds like something you're looking for. Maybe The Hadza: Last of the First if documentaries are ok.


TheUsher OP wrote (edited )

Looks like I forgot the link to our website, sorry about that! The email can be found on https://theanarchistcinema.org/about/
Thanks for the suggestions! It might be a bit much to have two Miyazaki films but The Hadza looks very interesting.